Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I do believe the warm weather has taken over my blogging.. All of my Easter pictures and my last Utah/Vegas trip haven't even been uploaded. I need to get on it.. But lets do some seriously moments..
Feel free to share some of yours from the week So I know I am not the only crazy one..

  • Noah found someone's "weave/hair extension track/weft on the ground. Noah- "Mom someone lost their hair extensions, should you put them back in for them?" First of all I'm not sure any other 3 year old would even know what that was.. I got a pretty big kick out of that one!
  • My friend Emily and I were watching the Bachelor (pathetic I know) last night.. I heard a crash in the boys room, followed by whimpering, and then a little knocking on their door. It was LUKE the little 17 month old stinker has learned how to climb out of his crib... There is no way I am getting him a toddler bed. So I am thinking of getting one of those tent things thoughts? 
  • Noah has been sleeping in Lu Lu's crib to help him go to sleep.. (I am sure that by watching Noah is how he now knows how)
  • We have a moving date (Well the boys and I) August 18th we are headed to Utah, until further notice! Bittersweet.
  • My post baby hairs are so bad, real bad... At least my bald spots are feeling in, but after I go to the gym I am a hot mess.
  • I learned to use the egg beaters to shred chicken.. My life as we know it has begun.. Do it. it must work for roast beef and pork too, if meat tickles your fancy like it does mine! 

The "naughties" in Luke's crib

The Hair Extension weft

Use the beaters to shred chicken.. Your life from here on out will change.

Noah looking like Racheal Zoe


  1. They are adorable naughties, at least!!
    And...we are house shopping now. If you pass through lincoln and are at a part of your trip where you need a place to stay and we have a house by then, you and the boys are more than welcome to take up a guest room! I'm seriously crossing my fingers that we have something by then!! If you aren't at a part of your trip where you would need a place to stay, just ignore that, but I fully expect to meet you when you're headed through!!! :)

  2. Kitchenaid spade to shred meat will change your life even more.

  3. I canNOT wait to try the beaters on my chicken! I have been seriously blessed that neither of my girls have ever tried climbing out. Brighton was in her crib until almost 3. Boston might stay in forever. Blessed I tell you.

  4. bahaha
    me: what was that?
    you: just the house making a noise
    5sec later...taptaptap, Luke?

  5. Seriously.... I'm never on blogger anymore! It's so hard to sit on the computer all day when the sun is shining and it's actually warm :)
    Can I be excited that you're moving to Utah??

  6. I think that is so cute that he wanted to sleep with his brother!

    And I am loving this new season of the has to be the best one in a long time!

  7. Lace you are so cute! My post baby hairs are driving my crazy also! Why do they have to be right in front?! I hope I can see you this summer!!!

  8. Girl you are killing me! Your boys are just too sweet! Love the baby hair pic! The weave... Dying!

  9. I loved these photos! So cute. The last one with the sunglasses? GAH! Adorable.

  10. Hi Lacy, I'm a new reader of your blog and I think it's lovely so I'm passing along the Liebster Blog Award to you! :) You can check out my post for details! Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  11. love the messy bun!! omg noah so freaking cute!!! i just added your button to my blog! have a wonderful weekend pretty!!!

    did you enter my fun accessories giveaway yet?!?


  12. Oh em gee!!! Laughing so hard about the hair extensions!
    And girl, my mini post baby bangs are outta control! Its nice to know I am not the only one;)

  13. the hair extensions comment is just too much! And the crib pic is cute enough though they are giving you a tough time! My boys love to play together in the crib too.

  14. Oh my, love the hair extensions!

    This blog is absolutely fantastic! Loving it :)

    Your boys are great.

  15. I love your Instagram pics and your boys are the cutest!!

    <3 Denise

  16. Several things:

    1. Your babies are beautiful.
    2. You are even more beautiful.
    3. Your header is beautiful.
    4. There is a lot of beauty going on in the blog and I like it.

    Also, I have a question for you about extensions-- I have fairly long hair but the thing is that my natural texture is curly/wavy depending on how I dry it. I've wanted to try super long extensions, but I think my natural hair texture would get in the way of that. What says you?