Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas party

This weekend was our church Christmas party... 
I made North Pole cupcakes, and there were hundreds of adorable yummies there as well! 
Noah sang in the Christmas pageant, wearing his superman shirt.. 
So appropriate right?

Computer printouts
Coconut {for the snow}

 Noah helped me add the swirlies.....  Such a big helper... 

Don't they look so great thrown into my cardboard box?
Dear Santa- I WANT a cupcake carrier.....


  1. I adore those cupcakes with the straws, I am promptly stealing that idea because it looks like something I could actually make. I am good at cooking, not so much at designing.

    Your wedding pic off to the left is STUNNING. It makes me want to get married again.

  2. Oh my heavens! All of those cupcakes look amazing! They're almost too cute to eat! (almost...)

  3. Those cupcakes are adorable. And i have never seen a table full of cutesy cupcakes until now, so thanks for sharing this momentous occasion with me. Ha!
    Germans are weird, and our ward Christmas party isn't until the 24th, and of course Hubby signed us up to sing without thinking. But seriously. Who does that? A party on Christmas Eve???

  4. I can make you a button, dearie! Just send me a pic and let me know what sort of thing you want!
    Yeah, over here in Germany, they open all their presents on Christmas eve... yet that's when they are having their party. Crazy stuff. I will never understand them!

  5. I want to eat cupcakes now! Those all looked so tasty. And that is pretty genius to use a box as a cupcaker carrier! I don't think I would have thought of that!

  6. Too cute! I want to eat all those pretty cupcakes!

  7. those are darling lacy!! seriously you are so cute and creative. i want a christmas party now so i can make lots and lots of baked goods!

  8. Loving that I found your adorable blog! And those cupcakes could not have turned out any better, perfection! :)

  9. nothing like a cupcake explosion! wow. yours were definitely the cutest!

  10. I'm a cupcake lover, so I would have been in heaven around all of those fabulous cupcakes. Your Northpole Cupcakes came out so cute. They look yummy. Coconut is perfect for snow! Yummy!!! :-)

  11. Those are the cutest cupcakes! Love <3

  12. I would not say no to some of those cupcakes. In fact, I would not say no to eating 8+ of them myself. This is why I run.

  13. There are things that make me ooh and ahh in this post.

    First, our church party is tonight and they are getting cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. Lame, but it's all I got. And actually, my husband made them. Your cupcakes are slammin dudette.

    Plus, what the what with that backdrop for the pageant! We need to get hooked up with one of those. All we have is the curtain. The burgundy one which is not so festive. I want painted stars.

  14. GAH! So much adorableness, I can't even handle it all! Those cupcakes are brilliant and so stinkin' cute!