Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Phoenix Living

Hi y'all I can't believe I took such a giant break from blogging, I wish I wouldn't have because I have months of photos I need to share and tons of memories that need to be stored while they are "kind - of" still fresh on my mind. 
Moving on... We moved to Phoenix Arizona and are loving it! I have made so many great friends already and some awesome old friends have also moved here so I'm pretty lucky! There are so many things to do here! We have gone to two Suns games, the zoo, ghost towns, amazing restarants, the shopping is to die for and I have been doing a ton of hair! 
I will always love and miss so many things about Michigan, but seriously I LOVE the heat and sunshine!


 Caught an autographed ball at the suns game!! 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Traverse City

Before I did a Halloween post, I wanted to share a little Traverse City, Michigan trip to kind of get caught up on summer.. (yes I know it's November) But I want to make sure some of these Michigan memories weren't forgotten..
For the fourth of July we went to Traverse City, a super charming town that is north of Grand Rapids. We really didn't do much, because of the heat wave it was 106 with 100% humidity along with it! No Thanks. Luckily we were staying at the Great Wolf Lodge with an indoor water park! The kids loved it and there were so many cute things to do!! I say worth the money 100% if you are thinking about it and you have young ones! 

1,000 tons of water dropping down on the boys! 


Other then the lodge the only other things we did was sneak away to Sushi and then hang out at the lego store, another big hit for the boys! 

These boys are my heart melters...

Ah how I miss blogging and Michigan, our lives are still far from normal here in Utah with Alex still in Michigan! We are also moving again out of state at the end of Dec! I can't wait to not be in limbo any more!!